The Bergamot project will add and improve client-side machine translation in a web browser.


Software of the Bergamot Project

Comming soon.

Partner Software Relevant for the Bergamot Project

University of Edinburgh

  • Marian: Fast Neural Machine Translation in C++, Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt, Roman Grundkiewicz, Tomasz Dwojak, Hieu Hoang, Kenneth Heafield, Tom Neckermann, Frank Seide, Ulrich Germann, Alham Fikri Aji, Nikolay Bogoychev, Andre ́ F. T. Martins, and Alexandra Birch.

Charles University

University of Sheffield


  • Firefox, popular web browser.
  • Deep Speech: Deep Leaning STT Engine, localizable speech-to-text engine that uses deep learning techniques to transcribe speech to text. It has more than 9,400 stars, and over 1,600 forks on GitHub repository.
  • TTS: Deep Leaning TTS Engine, Localizable text-to-speech engine that uses deep learning techniques to speak written text.